Zari Loses Her Cool After Steamy Photos Are Leaked

Zari Hassan’s private photos were leaked online without her permission. The photos were meant to be used for marketing purposes but went against the contract they signed. Zari has terminated her contract with the Ugandan resort and asked them to pull down her images. She has promised to take legal action against the culprits.

Zari Hassan has pledged to file a lawsuit against the offenders.
One of Zari’s contracts had to be terminated since the images had been leaked.
Entrepreneur Zari Hassan expressed her annoyance over her private images being posted online without her consent.
Zari explains in a series of videos posted to her Instagram stories that although the allegedly inappropriate photographs were intended to promote Uganda’s Divine Resort and Spa, they violated the agreement they signed.
While having fun at the facility, Zari and her lover Shakib Cham hired a photographer to shoot these pictures.
Only with Zari’s permission were the photos intended to be posted on social media for commercial purposes.
Without Zari’s permission, the photographer nevertheless released the pictures.
The socialite has asked the aforementioned Resort to remove her photographs with immediate effect after terminating her contract with them.
Zari will no longer sign contracts and won’t tag the Resort and Spa in any of her social media posts going forward.
Additionally, Zari’s images may not be used by Divine Resort and Spa on their pages or websites. The Devine Resort and SPA photographer will remove all pictures of Zari from their collection as well as any pictures they might have distributed to other blogs.
The team will pursue legal action and compensation if the aforementioned requirements are not met, according to a statement from Zari’s management.

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