Twins Who dated Pregnant Akorino REJECTED

The story of the innocent religious city girl getting impregnated by her twin brother and not knowing who the father is hit headlines and got netizens talking.

Now it appears that Emilly Nyaruiru (a pregnant Akorino girl) and the twin brothers wrote the storyline to gain subscribers for their YouTube channel.

The three shared their Facebook post stating that Akorino lady is now dating Peter Macharia, and not Teddy Kimathi.

“So fam, Emily ni wa Ptah na Teddy amesha jitoa.” They posted.

Teddy admitted to this on their YouTube video. They said that after their story was rewritten, they decided to be honest. Fans and family rejected them.

“The truth is that the whole thing was a ruse, and it was all for clout. We were shocked at the backlash and insults that we received from netizens.

Teddy explained that “We have money problems” and were trying to find a way to make it work. He and I then sat down together with Peter, and came up with the story. However, all we have received so far is rejection.

He clarified that Emily is with Peter his twin, and that they are expecting a child together. It was all about creating viral YouTube content.

Religious leaders called out the twins and demanded that they repent.

The story was so popular that the trouple interviewed the trouple. Emily stated that she met Peter at a Kenyan church wedding and fell in love with him.

The 18-year-old, dark skinned lady said, “He was composed. He was handsome. Well dressed. Dark. And I just liked the way he spoke.”

Peter also admitted that he was in love with Emily from the first meeting.

He said, “When I saw her I knew she was the woman I wanted in my heart.” Pregnant Akorino teenager Emilly Nyaruiru, with twins Peter Macharia & Teddy Kimathi. COURTESY

They also shared that Emilly used to be a chat partner of the twin brothers until they were able to win her over after a date.

They were both identical, and she was confused.

They even claimed that they shared a bed and lived together.

She told the public she didn’t know who was responsible for her pregnancy because she sleeps in the same bed as both of them.

“Mimba sijui ni ya nani. Tuna share the same mattress, kilakitu ni Kimoja sasa siwezi jua kama ni ya huyu ama huyu” [I don’t know who is responsible because we share everything and all sleep in one bed],” Emily said.

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