TikToker Claiming to Date Many Men Says She Uses Excel Spreadsheet to Organise Love Life

TikTok user Emily claims to have a spreadsheet for men she dates. Spreadsheet details who is new, men with red flags, and those with potential for a relationship. Video has raked in more than 2 million views on TikTok so far. She also keeps track of her No’s.

A talented lady in the profession has demonstrated to online users how she organizes her dating life using an Excel spreadsheet.
On TikTok, Emily is known as @crumbletumble00. She claims the spreadsheet contains all the information about the men she is dating, including their pictures. The spreadsheet also lists men who are new, those who have red flags, those she is done with, and those who have relationship potential.
A single woman who organizes the men she is seeing in an excel spreadsheet has become famous for her unconventional dating method. According to Tik Toker Emily, she keeps a database of the males she dates.

The spreadsheet has notes for every man in it The dating tracker that Emily, who goes by the handle @crumbletumble00, uses to keep track of all her potential partners, was shared. The thorough paper basically begins with a list of checkable boxes with categories ranging from New to the mix, It’s over, to we made it!

Each guy’s name, insider nickname, phone number, photo, age, and career are all included in the spreadsheet along with remarks and other information. How do you keep track of all the males you are chatting to, Emily, asks the TikTok user in a post. then displays a sizable spreadsheet to the audience on her computer.

sincerely looking for a connection

Emily, who is sincerely looking for a relationship, researches potential suitors and potential warning signs, such as discrepancies in religious beliefs. According to the New York Post, she also makes a note of a man’s automobile ownership, dog preferences (bonus points if he wants one), and allergies, with the amusing notation: “don’t want to kill the guy.” Additionally, a red tab is used to keep track of all the men she has flat-out rejected, while an orange tab is used to keep track of those who are simply friends.

A video has received 2 million views.

If she thinks there might be a connection with a man, she will opt to meet up in person. Then, after the date, she will write down the specifics, including the location and what she liked and didn’t like. The video has received over 2 million views so far. One person noted, “My 61-year-old closest buddy did this 30+ years ago and was dating 10 men at one point. Such a queen, she continued.

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