Sugoi Women Who Trekked To Nairobi For President Ruto’s Inauguration Stranded

Two women who walked from Sugoi in Uasin Gishu County to Nairobi for President William Ruto’s inauguration on September 13, are now stranded. They are looking for an audience with the Head Of State.

After they arrived in Nairobi late, the duo had already covered more than 365 KMs pulling a cart. Unfortunately, they missed the swearing in event.

The two men are still in Nairobi three weeks after President Ruto was elected to power. They claim that they won’t return home until they meet with the Head of State.

Evelyne Chepkemei stated that they want to make an appointment with President Ruto to give him the cart for victory and to “pray together”.

“I came from Sugoi in order to witness Ruto swearing in. After that, I went to State House with the cart. I arrived at State House and was asked to show my appointment. I replied that my appointment is for the cart. “I was directed to Karen, where I left my cart in the hope that I would be able to get my appointment,” she said to The Standard on Thursday.

“I haven’t met Ruto yet, and my main reason for coming to Nairobi was to give him this cart and to pray with Kenya Kwanza about his victory.”

Eunice Tabut, her counterpart, revealed that they were hosted by a “good Samaritan for the time they have been in Nairobi.”

“We traveled for five days, and we were exhausted when we got back. Ms Tabut stated that we met with a good Samaritan, who hosted us for three weeks. President Ruto has not been able meet us.”

“We were patient with him when he went to Queen Elizabeth’s burial, and now we seek to meet him so we can return home.”

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