#Shocker: Son Of North Eastern Police Boss Shoots Himself Dead With Father’s Pistol

  • Patrick King’ori Macharia’s 13-year-old son shot himself in the head with his father’s gun. The deceased’s body has been sent to the Kenyatta National Hospital for an autopsy.

Patrick King’ori Macharia’s 13-year-old son committed suicide by shooting himself with his father’s gun. The 13-year-old child allegedly snatched a Jericho pistol from a table at his father’s Ruai home before shutting himself in his bedroom, according to a police report acquired by Citizen Digital. Macharia, a resident of the North Eastern Region, reports that he excused himself to use the restroom, he and his wife were discussing when they heard a gunshot coming from his son’s bedroom. According to the police report, after breaking down the door, the police chief discovered that his son had shot himself in the left side of the head with the bullet exiting from the right. When detectives arrived at the police chief’s Ruai residence, they took pictures of the crime scene and sent the deceased’s body to the mortuary of the Kenyatta National Hospital pending an autopsy. Along with the rifle in question, 29 rounds of ammunition, and one expended cartridge were all taken into custody pending additional investigation.

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