Peter Salasya, MP from Mumias East, is on the hunt for a WIFE!

Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya is looking for a young prayerful woman for a wife. The first time MP has made the desires of his heart public in a post on social media.

“I want a young prayerful woman,” said Mr. Salasya who knows all about heartbreaks, and has been a victim.

In a recent interview with Wahenga News, the 32-year-old politician recounted how back in 2017 his girlfriend left him for another man.

The breakup was made more painful by the fact that it was the same year he first tried his luck in politics but lost in his bid.

“I loved her so much but when I went to get her back from the man’s house she asked me to leave and go play with my age mates as I could sustain her lifestyle,” Salasya told Wahenga News

In the same interview, the newly sworn-in lawmaker said had no intention of dating anytime soon.

But it appears things have since changed within a very short time and he is now ready to settle down with a prayerful woman.

Given his life journey since he was declared the MP for Mumias East, Mr. Salasya also said he had no house and his supporters built him one.

The humorous MP said he boarded a flight for the very first time when he was coming to Nairobi for the swearing in ceremony of newly-elected Members of Parliament.

The second born in a family of seven says his main focus now is to represent his constituents.

His agenda is to ensure equitable bursary allocation to all needy students in his constituency, raise the education standards, empower youth and women and get the Mumias Sugar company back on its feet.

Salasya has not had an easy upbringing, he lost his father when he was in form 2 forcing his mother to be the sole breadwinner.

“It was by the grace of God that I managed to complete school. I was sent home countless times for unpaid fees and ended up spending several days at home as mum looked for money,” Salasya told Wahenga News

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