My net worth is Sh544 million, Kindiki says as day two of vetting begins

  • Kindiki was the first to appear before the National Assembly Committee on appointments for vetting. He put his wealth in the form of land and buildings at Sh165 million and bank deposits at Sh50 million. Kindiki is also an Advocate of the High court of Kenya.

Kithure Kindiki, the nominee for the Interior and National Administration Cabinet positions, estimates his net worth to be over Sh544 million.

This is represented by land worth Sh165 million, buildings costing Sh50 million, and bank deposits at Sh50 million, claims Kindiki.

He continued by saying he also had other interests, including shares and SACCO savings accounts.

“My net worth is Sh544 million, made up of investments in shares, deposits in five different SACCOs, investments in property and buildings of about Sh165 million, bank deposits totaling about Sh50 million,” Kindiki said.

He noted that in addition to his investments, he works as an advocate for the Kenyan High Court.

“I also own several SMEs and work as a consultant for national and international organizations.”

On the second day of the week-long process, Kindiki was the first person to show up for screening before the National Assembly Committee on Appointments.

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