Just FRIENDS? Juliani Opens Up About Dating Lilian

Julius Owino, a hip hop artist, is now open about the events that led him to cross paths with Lilian Nganga, his wife. Lilian was previously betrothed once to Alfred Mutua, a former Machakos Governor.

On Wednesday’s Hot 96 Uradi Show, the ‘Mabawa” hitmaker distanced himself from the allegations that a section Kenyans made about him on social media last January. These accusations placed him at the center of the highly publicised split between former lovers.

“Huwezi slice jamaa mtu wake. Haihappen hivyo. Watu watu wanapenda these kind of allegations so we wanapush toward a certain angle more that what it is but haikuwa hivyo” (I don’t believe you can’steal’ someone’s lover. It doesn’t work like that. People love such allegations, and will say anything to push for such an agenda, but that’s not the way it went down,” Juliani said to Patrick Igunza.

Juliani revealed that he met Lilian at a friend’s party in the days before her split and that they became close friends over spiritual talks. They would keep in touch over the following days.

According to the rapper, he didn’t know what Lilian was going though at the time. It only became apparent after his wife, whom he thought was a friend at the time, informed him that she wasn’t in a relationship anymore.

“Mimi nimepatana na yeye last year randomly. Tukaanza Kubonga Story ya Consciousness… ” I met her randomly last year and we began talking about consciousness and spirituality,” he stated.

“Ndio baadaye akaniambia by the way hivi-ndio kuko. Mimi siko hapa. Mi nikasema Sikuwa najua Nailikuwa Nadhani sisi ni mabeshte” (She would eventually open up about her split, which surprised me since I thought we were only conversing as friends.

The rapper claims that he was not looking for a partner at the moment. He had made a decision to stop dating and to focus on his spirituality and celibacy. But things just happened.

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