I was too beautiful for him. Pritty Vishy break up with Madini Classic

Kenyan Influencer Pritty Vishy has confirmed that she is no longer in a relationship with singer Madini classic.

After serving us couple goals on social media.

In a recent question and answer session with her fans on Instagram, the content creator was asked by one curious fan if she was still seeing Madini, and she responded by saying that she is single.

“Still dating Madini?” read the fan’s question.

“Huyo ni who?? Weeeh niko single like no one’s business,” Pritty Vishy responded.

Another follower asked her whether she is married to which she answered, “I was married a long time ago but I’m divorced right now. I don’t want that sh*t. Being submissive is the last thing joh!”

The socialite and the Mombasa-based singer confirmed rumours that they were dating in an interview in July, where they each went into detail about what makes the other person special, their connection, and everything they’ve done to impress each other in a short period of time.

Vishy revealed that aside from his good looks, she loved how Madini treated her as he was caring towards her. “The fact that he’s handsome. Kila mtu anajua nimhandsome- ata yeye mwenyewe anajiita handsome. I think the way he handles me, he’s caring. He’s a good soul.”

Rumors about Vishy and Madini’s romance started circulating the internet following some intimate photos shared by the two parties on their separate social media accounts.

Their fans speculated for a while about their relationship which prompted the pair to come clean on their union.

This, however, came as a shock to many as Vishy was still fresh from her previously failed relationship with singer Stivo Simple Boy, who is now engaged.

Following the nasty breakup that was greatly publicized, both Vishy and Stevo did not waste a second before getting back into the dating scene.

Among many reasons that Vishy listed out as contributors to their failed relationship was the fact that Stivo had unreasonable standards about marriage which did not sit right with the influencer.

Vishy also stated that Stevo was not willing to cover her bride price fee which she disclosed was set at Sh2 million.

Stivo, on the other hand, said that Vishy was not his type because she was asking for things that according to him were ridiculous.

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