Governor Sakaja Set To Name His Cabinet Today

  • Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja will unveil his long-awaited list of his County Executive Committee (CEC) members. Sakaja made the announcement during an interview with Radio Citizen’s Vincent Ateya. He noted that the Nairobi County Assembly is ready to vet the nominees.

On Wednesday morning, Sakaja made the declaration in an interview with Vincent Ateya of Radio Citizen.
The Nairobi County Assembly is prepared to review the nominees, he said, adding that.

Wednesday will see the long-awaited release of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s County Executive Committee (CEC) membership list.

The Nairobi County Assembly is prepared to review the nominees, Sakaja said during an interview with Vincent Ateya of Radio Citizen on Wednesday morning.

I have already established the county assembly and its leadership, and today I will be naming my CEC members, said Sakaja.

The county executive, who formerly held the office of Nairobi Senator, remarked that after being sworn in on August 25, he has gotten right to work and that some of his suggested initiatives are already in progress.

“We’ve already gotten to work; for example, we noticed a waste problem and have already collected 82 tonnes of garbage in the past month. Gitanga Road and Jogoo Road, and we were carrying out these activities without a budget because the MCAs had not yet approved it, the official said.

Reforming the county’s transportation and healthcare systems is one of the major initiatives, he claimed, that his government has launched.

“We’ve put some matatus back on the road, and I’ve formed a task group for healthcare. I am re-carpeting 22 roadways, and the good news is that I am familiar with the framework. Since I was born in Pangani and have experience in this field—I was a senator for Nairobi—I don’t require months of indoctrination, Sakaja remarked.

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