Governor Appoints her Husband as an Ambassador in Meru

Kawira Mwangaza, Meru governor, has named Murega Baicu (a guitarist) as Meru Youth Service Patron and ‘ambassador for Meru Hustlers’.

The county’s first woman, Baicu, said that her position in the cabinet would not be compensated or paid for, but will be more of an advisory role.

“This office won’t have a salary nor will it receive allowances. The governor stated that this office would be held by the “first gentleman in the county.”

Baicu was accompanied by the governor to all official functions. He also posted photos on social media, which attracted a variety of reactions.

Baicu became famous during the campaign period for his guitar playing and singing campaign songs in order to promote Ms Mwangaza’s political bid.

Ms Mwangaza said that her husband’s musical skills were a major factor in her victory.

“We couldn’t afford to hire entertainers at our campaign meetings.” Mwangaza stated that my husband’s musical prowess was a major factor in my victory.

Later reports indicate that Ms. Mwangaza paid Sh2 million to her husband to perform at the swearing-in ceremony. She denied these claims, saying they were rumors propagated by political rivals.

“My husband Murega Baichu was not contracted for performance nor was he paid even a single shilling during my swearing-in ceremony. But when I receive my first month salary nitamnunulia zawadi,” she tweeted.

Baicu was charged with neglecting his children in his first marriage. The couple responded by being kind.

“Before I got married, I had six children with six women. What children are my critics referring to? He said that all the children he had with the six women were taken care of.”

Ms. Mwangaza, for her part, said that she would be happy to receive any child who resembles Murega. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl. I don’t have girls. My husband had several relationships before we were married, and all of our children are now in school.

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