Family of Man Sprayed With 38 Bullets Disowns Girlfriend: A New Twist

Kevin Otieno’s family shot with 36 bullets by armed gunmen in Nairobi’s Utawala in broad daylight has divorced a woman believed to be his girlfriend.

According to media reports, the gunmen released the woman 17 km away from Fedha Estate in the Eastlands.

According to reports, the lady visited Otieno’s home to get a few household items to sell.

Johanes Obinya the father of the deceased, however, insists that his family wasn’t aware of the woman. This indicates that officers assigned to the case should investigate the woman as a person of interest.

He stated that if my son lived alone, it was important that the woman who picked up a few household items at the house is known in order to be able to tell us why.

Mildred Aoko was Otieno’s mom and urged police to speed up the investigation to bring the criminals to justice. Otieno’s brother Alfred Odhiambo was also taken by the gunmen.

Aoko said, “They should release my son or tell us where he was taken. That is all I ask for right now.”

The Gunmen’s Trail

Two other victims were also killed by the perpetrators on Mirema Drive, the day before the Utawala shooting incident.

Locals claim that the gunmen seemed new and kept asking for directions. They also parked right next to them and asked for directions.

The two men then got up and confronted the man, who was busy making calls. They demanded they be given what they called Mzigo (package). He was told by the gunmen that he would not be allowed to eat alone,” said a witness. The gunmen also later shot the men.

They went to Odhiambo’s house at 3 AM the next day in search of a particular object. According to his wife, the gunmen were looking for a missing firearm and robbed him of his weapon before taking him to a unknown location.

The gunmen arrived at Otieno’s house around midday and took Otieno’s girlfriend with them. Locals said that the suspect thugs seemed to know the area well as they didn’t ask for directions to the house.

“The gunmen seemed to be looking for something, but they didn’t manage to find it from her home. Witnesses said that they covered her face and then bundled her into the Land Cruiser before leaving.

The culprits made their way to Mihang’o, Utawala around 2 pm. There they blocked Otieno’s vehicle and opened fire multiple times on him.

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