2022 Toyota Mirai Review

The 2022 Toyota Mirai Review, Specs, and Price

2022 Toyota Mirai

2022 toyota mirai specs

The game-changing Toyota Mirai continues its demonstration of smart fuel cell electric vehicles. This second-generation sedan uses Toyota’s most advanced alternative fuel technology to turn hydrogen into electricity. This allows for extended travel with no smog and no harmful tailpipe emissions.

2022 Toyota Mirai

2022 toyota mirai

Mirai by product is water. There’s no charge for it. This is just one part of Mirai’s amazing story. Look closer to see how premium styling and design are combined seamlessly to create a truly unique driving experience. It’s available in two grain xle and limited quantities.

2022 toyota mirai xle

Let’s have a closer look at Mirai’s futur-forward vehicle Mirai. Its distinctive design philosophy that evokes elegance and motion from all angles makes Mirai’s luxury sedan architecture more aerodynamic and sculpted. This allows for a longer wheelbase and lower stance which not only looks great but also improves driving dynamics. These sleek flowing proportions are

This dynamic styling is perfectly complemented by Mirai’s standard 19-inch or available 20-inch alloy tires. Mirai doesn’t take any shortcuts when it come to the interior experience. Mirai has a stylishly refined but simple layout that centers around a futuristic instrument panel. Miriah’s comfortable cabin can seat five people in spacious comfort.

This soft touch environment is enhanced by its heated and ventilated perforated soft-text trimmed rear and front seats on the limited-grade. It also includes a standard dual-zone climate controller and an available three-zone climate controller with a separate digital panel for rear occupants.

2022 toyota mirai range

2022 toyota mirai limited are both alternative fuel vehicles. The entire Mirai lineup includes a premium audio multimedia system with a 12.3-inch touchscreen, 14 speaker JBL sound system, and that’s just the beginning. If you want to see more of Mirai tech features, apple carplay compatibility is standard. This allows drivers to access apple music.

You can use maps messages and other apps on your iPhone to stay connected. Amazon Alexa connectivity makes it simple to reach amazon voice service. A standard three-month Sirius xm Platinum plan trial subscription includes over 165 channels in the cabin, and more on the sxm app. It’s also easier than ever to enjoy the services of Sirius xm.

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Not only is there ad-free content, but you also have access to sports comedy and other entertainment. You don’t need to worry about getting lost because you have available destination assistance which provides 24-hour access to a live agent to provide directions through your vehicle’s navigation system. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Toyota if miraid couldn’t keep everyone connected with standard trial to a great

A selection of connected services that includes safety connect wi fi connect service connect and remotely connect, plus a dedicated 24-7 concierge service to mirai is also included mirai completes its convenience story with tons of other high-tech amenities like a standard smart key system four USB ports and an available head-up screen and standard qi wireless phone charging

As with its advanced convenience technology, mirai also delivers bold innovation in safety features. It all begins with Toyota safety sense 2.5+ standard on both grades. This active safety suite includes precollision system including pedestrian detection automatic high beams and steering assist.

2022 Toyota Mirai
2022 Toyota Mirai

As well as the lane tracing assistant which keeps mirai in its lane, while drcc operates, and road sign assistance which recognizes and displays certain traffic signs naturally, mirai has eight airbags throughout the cabin. The safety surrounding mirai’s powertrain is equally comprehensive and requires a lot of care.

Miriah has a strong and reliable hydrogen tank system. It should be obvious that Miriah is also a technology-oriented company. Miriah’s Toyota fuel cell system is the heart of Mirai. This hydrogen-powered fuel cells creates power. Although it may sound complicated, hydrogen is fed from a fuel tank in a rye to the fuel cell stack. Here it is mixed with oxygen from the atmosphere.

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This creates electricity from the intake grill. The electricity is then used to drive the electric motors. However, the real story is the increased range of the second generation Mirai. It has an EPA estimated fuel rating of 2.2. This fuel rating is more than twice that of a standard gas vehicle. But it offers a more engaging and powerful driving experience than ever.

It is due in large part to its rear-wheel-drive layout and independent rear suspension.

The 2022 Mirai is powered by the most advanced fuel cell technology and wrapped with a premium design. It makes it easy for you to achieve your dream of a more sustainable world.

Tax credits and incentives such as HOV lane access for California residents are available at up to 4500. Toyota mirai also offers additional benefits, including complimentary fuel for three years (or fifteen thousand dollars) for the first 21 days of rental vehicle service. It also comes with an enhanced 10-year 150 000-mile hybrid battery warranty, a three-year Toyota Care no cost maintenance plan and an enhanced 3-year 35 000-mile Toyota care warranty.

The mirai has unlimited mileage and roadside assistance for three-years, which is a clear demonstration of what it means to have a vehicle that can be smarter. This should not surprise considering Toyota is already a leader in advanced technology.

2022 Toyota Mirai

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